Well This Is Just A Tad Over The Top

Munchies.vice.comMaybe you “like” soda, but you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve visited Pat Reidy’s over-the-top domain of Coca-Cola worship in Veracruz, Mexico. This is obsession.

I have never been a fan of theme parks. Even less so of the Magic Kingdom, which is a cheap copy of Adventure Kingdom in Veracruz, Mexico. What I really loved as a kid was to go to Pat Reidy’s house.

Pat is my parents’ friend and co-worker. She hails from Janesville, Wisconsin, and she’s been living in Xalapa, Mexico (Veracruz’s capital) since the early 70s. Her house looked unlike any other that I had ever been to. It was filled with VHS, Halloween memorabilia, a waterbed, and millions of small useless objects. But the best part was her Coca-Cola collection, which I thought truly fascinating.

She called it her “Coca-Cola shrine,” and back then it was just a personal collection. But this collection kept growing until it became Pat’s Coca-Cola Museum, as you can now read in a huge sign at her house’s entrance.



To steal a line from my childhood idle Ace Ventura…”Obsess much???”

If you thought the Ray Finkle murder room was a frightening scene this one by Ms Reidy may not allude to a possible murderous rampage/mascot kidnapping but it may be equally as crazy and at this point is actually true. To have a shrine to Coca Cola that has been developed over 40 plus years is weird but makes me think this little old lady is hiding something. Now that I think about it this “shrine” is just a cover to distract people from the numerous dead bodies buried beneath all of that shit. Detective walks in to investigate a possible crime and boom he’s distracted by a two hour tour of the Coca Cola room and the numerous amount of zany stories this lady starts telling.

Now assuming what I just said isn’t true lets dive into some other interesting nuggets from this interview. Ms Reidy only drinks about one 355 milliliter bottle a day now (no idea what that is in ounces) but in her hay day she would drink a whopping 15 bottles a day. 15 bottles??? How did this lady sleep at night??? Also if she has teeth, which I highly doubt at this point, her mouth has got to be a nightmare. Hell she used it as a substitute for oil when cooking. My guess is she used to take coca cola bubble baths since there was no clean water which can’t be healthy…or can it? That’s a question for the scientists not me.

In the end is Ms Reidy just an innocent old lady who loves her Coca Cola or is she some psychopath who hides dead bodies for the Mexican cartels? I honestly have no idea and don’t intend to find out. Do you Ms Reidy. Do you.

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