Beast Mode Saves Restaurant, He is the Hero That We Don’t Deserve

Nfldraftdiamonds.comAccording to Fox KTVU News, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch will not sit back and let a classic soul food diner shut down. A matter of fact, Lynch will take over ownership of Scend’s Restaurant and Bar. Current owner Cassie Nickelson, will be 80 next year and plans to retire in August, according to KTVU.
She feels the restaurant will be in good hands with Beast Mode.

“I’m comfortable with him and I like him,” Nickelson said per Fox KTVU News. “When he was 9-years-old, he came across the street to get a hamburger and French fries. 25-cent French fries and a 75-cent hamburger.”

Not much to say here folks. Just a legend doing what legendary things. I’ve long said that we don’t deserve/appreciate the greatness that is Marshawn Lynch but just like most idols…people will look back and recount Beast Mode stories fondly over a bottle of the finest Hennessy and fried chicken wings.

This was the moment that i knew we didn’t deserve Marshawn. Just an icon eating sock wings while teaching the youth americas game. Marshawn 4 President 2021.

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