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I was on the prowl for Mexican food one day, so like any good food blogger I went to Google for some intensive research. After minutes of rigorous Yelp clicks, scrolling and reading reviews I stumbled across Amigos. The first thing I noticed was that they delivered, so they already checked off the convenience box and the degenerate consumer box. That’s just a smart business plan, the second thing I noticed was that they were labeled “Mexican, Asian Fusion”. Seeing that I’ve never had this combination before my curiosity was most definitely piqued. Since discovering this gem located in a mini strip mall, I’ve tried the “California Fresh”, the “Big Tres Tres”, and the Chicken Sweet Teriyaki Tacos.

( California Fresh Burrito…not my picture, stole it off of yelp…I devoured mine too fast smfh)

Everything that I have tried so far has been absolutely delicious. You can really taste the freshness and quality of all the ingredients consumed. On Yelp I kept seeing pictures and reviews of the “California Fresh” which, a long with the “Big Tres Tres” is on their “Big Burrito” menu.  The “California Fresh” was the size of a mini football and consisted of chicken, melted Mexican cheeses, sour cream, Pico, corn-pineapple salsa, slaw, black beans and crispy tortilla chips to add texture. Folks ya boy fell in love for a strong 15 minutes with a bad bitch named Cali Fresh. The remarkable melody of unique flavors had me in a state of burrito bliss that I’ve never experienced before. After three bites I had to literally stand up and take a lap because I couldn’t grasp how an entrée could be so fucking good. The chicken was cooked perfectly, so tender and they don’t hold out….you get quantity and quality with amigos. The blend of the cool sour cream, melted cheeses, pico and the corn-pineapple slaw was almost refreshing. Than you add the crunch from the chips?! I think I polished off this massive work of culinary art in under 10 minutes honestly. I would highly recommend this, I’m not the biggest bean fan when it comes to my burritos so I got mine minus the black beans.

Now let’s get to these sweet chicken teriyaki tacos. Bravo and hats off to the chef’s, management, their mama’s, cousins, just to everybody man cause these were spectacular. The ingredients for these healthy sized tacos were the succulent pieces of chicken sautéed in teriyaki sauce, the melted Mexican cheeses, slaw and french fried onion strings. With every bite you get the sweet flavor of the teriyaki and slaw and the salty crunch of the onion strings. Add that in with the juicy, tender, sauteed chicken and you have three of the most heavenly tacos you’ll ever indulge in.

On my most recent visit I continued my journey down the menu and tried the “Big Tres Tres”. After dapping up the dude working the cash register and telling him how much I enjoyed what they had going on I read the menu and knew it was about to go down. This bad boy consisted of chicken, pork AANNNDDDD rib eye steak, the melted Mexican cheeses, pico, rice, black beans and chipotle ranch sauce. I also got an order of their home-made chips and salsa. Pictures don’t do it any justice, hell….describing it doesn’t do it any justice. Their pork and steak were so well prepared and flavorful, they mixed perfectly with the chicken to cultivate a true carnivore’s dream. Mix in the chipotle ranch, pico, cheese and rice and in my fat ass humble opinion you have one of the best burritos in South Jersey. Also shout out to the chips and salsa, motherflippin delightful! Perfect crunch and flavor, you can really taste the fact that they take pride in their food. So as you can see I’m a fan of Amigos, and now after typing this….I’m going to go place my order for lunch.

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