Bricco Coal Fired Pizza – Westmont, NJ

So I found myself, for some reason or another, yearning a brick oven pizza and I remembered we have one of the best in New Jersey right near us, Bricco Coal Fired Pizza (not to mention it’s BYOB so, HOO-RAY). Now this is my second time going and it was as good as the first time. No matter what you order here, it’s gonna be good. Like fucking delicious. When I first came here, that was my first time eating brick oven/coal fired style pizza and it changed my take on pizza as a whole. Brick oven/ coal fired pizza destroys regular greasy pizza, any day, these are facts and argue with your mom, not me.

Bricco offers a multitude of options on their menu, from meatballs, long hots, sandwiches, wings, and of course pizza. The first time we went Jay and I had to bring our beards and I believe we got the chicken sandwich, long hits, meatballs and pizza and everything was delicious, but this time I took Joann on a date and we decided to get 2 pies and some wings.

You can taste the coal fire on them and they were succulent and juicy. Sounds kind of sexual but hey, they were melting in my mouth. Best part about Bricco is that they let you build your own pie, which for me makes it every piece of the pig, some cow, with a dab of vegetables and some more cow in dairy form.

As I said before, it’s BYOB so you’re able to bring your own liquor and get yourself a little moist/semi punished, and the fact that it’s in Westmont makes it better because once you’re done there you can just walk the mile to Brewers, PJ’s, or take a ride to Tap Room to end your night. All in all this place is great and I love it there and now reviewing it, I might be back this weekend. I rate Bricco the Ohio state of pizza aka always in your top 5 and will be the best you’ve had sometimes.

Side Rant:
Jay brought this up before but KFC is on a fucking roll! Whoever is doing their marketing is a genius , dude has got them into a clothing line WHICH SOLD OUT , HOW DOES A KFC CLOTHING LINE SELL OUT?!? WTF. And now they have an actually comic book story with D.C. Take a look..

This guy has KFC out there and is coming back with a vengeance against pop eyes. Balls in your court Popeyes, you better do something fast because that old crusty lady in your commercial is no longer cutting it. This is turning out to be a McDonald’s & Burger King rivalry, and KFC just threw the first haymaker. Let’s see how this plays out.

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