Atlantic Fish And Produce – Tilapia Platter- Camden, NJ

So here I am at work just in the mood for something fresh and relatively healthy and delicious when I remember I’m in Camden and there’s great food everywhere. My seafood cravings win so I call up Atlantic Fish and Produce (also known as OK Fish). What follows is pretty much the pinnacle of what you can eat during your lunch break. 

I ordered the Broiled Tilapia platter – three Tilapia filets seasoned and broiled with a baked potato, half ear of corn and a heaping serving of broccoli served in an 8×10 inch aluminum tray that’s barely big enough to contain the food. I uncoiled the foil, squirted some lemon juice and went after it. Pure freshness! The fish was light and flaky, the veggies were crisp and hefty and the corn was scrumptious.

I honestly never want to eat anything less for lunch again. The bar is officially raised.

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