Hiro Ramen House- Philly

If you heard our Peter Tong interview a couple weeks ago you’ll remember him mentioning that if a gun was to his head and he had to choose a place to eat in Philly, then Hiro Ramen House would be that place. Therefore tonight, despite lightning and heavy rain, Courtney and I made our way to try it out like I promised. We were definitely not disappointed.

So first off, this place is kind of a hole in the wall on Chestnut St., but when you walk in you’re transported to this stylish, wood-walled eatery with tons of class. The walls really give you a Japanese vibe and set the tone.

We tried the Black Pig: Berkshire pork tonkotsu broth, pork belly chashu, bamboo, roasted garlic oil and naruto. I got the extra marinated egg because of course I did. Courtney got the Pig and Miso: Berkshire pork tonkotsu broth and miso, pork belly chashu, bamboo and corn. Hands down the best ramen I’ve had and I thank my man Peter from the bottom of my heart. The broth is oh so flavorful and the pork belly was perfectly tender and rich/savory. The ramen was cooked perfectly as well. The love just oozes out of it and onto your taste buds. It don’t get no betta’.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our appetizer. We ordered the Karaage Fried Chicken: free range chicken marinated in soy garlic and ginger. These juicy chicken bites were off the hook. Super juicy and packed with flavor. The perfect meaty accompaniment to our main courses. Pure poultry bliss.

Hiro Ramen House in Philly. Check it out. Right now.

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