Amy’s Omelette House- NJ

Now this place has some good ass food!!

One random place at a time. Was craving some breakfast and constantly kept hearing about this Amy’s Omelette House. So decided to make moves. Place isn’t that big and is kind of hidden in the cut near Cherry Hill mall.

So one thing you will learn about me is when I go to some place for the first time I always order maddddd food.

Since I wanted breakfast are started off with one of my favorites. Pork roll egg and cheese but they do it a little differently. They call it the Jersey sandwich…Pork roll, Bacon, and breakfast sausage links with two eggs and cheese…BANGING!!! Now I have had my share of pork roll / breakfast sandwiches and this is flirting with top 5 dead or alive. Now what put even over the top is they give the option to do loaded homefries. Now most places do the shredded homefries or the potato slices. But this place did a mixture of potato slices and wedges… for breakfast. Now remember I said “loaded”… Bacon, Green Onions, and wiz…nap time zzzzzzzzzz…

After taking a mental nap for 5 mins and destroying this amazing meal… I needed more! So usually whenever I go to a breakfast spot or a diner, I always try their French toast or pancakes. So this place legit had 20 different variations of there French toast. After being a very deep thought, I ordered Almond & Cinnamon Texas French Toast. Best I’ve had in the area.

Last but not least you know it is very hard to find a good Eggs Benedict. But they put a little twist on it. Eggs Benedict meet Sausage & Gravy. So we decided to try it out and it was pretty good. Not better than “News Cafe” in South Beach but not too shabby.

Honestly I would highly recommend this place above any diner/breakfast spot in south jersey right now (Until I find a better one). So if you are in the area check it out for sure.

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