Mac Mart- Philadelphia

“Not Your Mamma’s Mac!” 

So I was at work one day when I got the sudden craving to eat something delicious. Don’t get me wrong, meal prep and healthy eating can absolutely be satisfying and tasty …..but that’s not the craving I’m talking about. I wanted something that after consuming it my work production would instantly take a dip and I would have smile on my face as my stomach protruded onto my keyboard. One of the best parts about working in Center City, Philadelphia is the wide array of food choices I have. So after a quick search on Al Gore’s internet I decided it was time to give Mac Mart a try.

It’s located on S. 18th St. and I often walk by the trendy establishment during my work week but for whatever reason I never tried it even though I kept hearing great things. So I strolled on over, and after giving the menu a good 8 minute once over (they have so many different and unique looking items) I decided since it’s my first time I might as well go with the people’s champ and ordered the “In the Buff”.  On the menu next to it read a sign that said “Fan Favorite” and the ingredients were their classic mac topped with savory buffalo chicken chunks, potato chip panko which added a great crunch and Pam Pam’s Buttermilk Ranch. I added bacon to my order because I’m going through my initiation into the Pork Sweat Boys and also because bacon is fuckin’ delicious.

They handed me my container after a very short wait and I sat at the street facing, bar-seat in the very modern looking eatery and began my cheesy voyage. I took my first bite, nodded my head and knew I absolutely made the correct decision. The mac and cheese wasn’t soupy or watery and the buffalo sauce was robust with flavor.

Every single bite consisted of gooey cheese, tender chicken, the banging crunch from the panko and the zesty flavor from the ranch. In other words, it was a very lit lunch. After punishing that marvelously flavor filled meal, I rubbed my stomach and proceeded to do what any rational food loving human being would have done. I went back to the counter and ordered the “Crabby Mac” to go. MAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN……seriously they can do no wrong here in my eyes.

The ingredients for this seafood delight were the classic mac topped with creamy cheese, old bay potato chip panko crunch and jumbo lump crabmeat dip. It’s one of the better crab mac and cheeses I’ve tried, the crabmeat dip was prepared perfectly and the old bay panko crunch added so much flavor. Mac Mart satisfied my craving and then some, I’ll definitely be back to try more items from their extensive mac menu.


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