News- 18 Most Dangerous Foods in the World!!

Holy Shit! This is one of the craziest things I have seen in my lifetime. Going through this 18 page slide show there are some totally bizarre foods that Andrew Zimmern would eat, and then there are normal foods that you probably have indulged in recently or have some where in your fridge or pantry.
The leadoff slide is the craziest thing one in my opinion, seeing as this food source is only found in Africa. The African Bullfrog is apparently one of the most dangerous foods because if not properly handled the toxins with in the frog can cause kidney failure. NO THANKS!! I’ll stick to my AMERICAN BULLFROG legs pan fried in butter, garlic and BUDWEISER.

Some other wild cards on here are live octopus. Look Korea, if you wanna play stupid game you’re gonna get stupid results. Eating raw octopus can potential kill you because it will suction itself to the back of your throat and close of your airway. PASS PASS PASS. I’ll take my octopus chargrilled, like recent selections ive had from NICKEL TAPHOUSE, and BIRROTECA.

Some other interesting foods that made this list were raw cashews. Now let me begin by saying, cashews are the fucking tits. but I don’t know why any one would want to eat a raw cashew, look at this thing. looks like squidwards nose, aka a gross looking dick. I’m not putting this motherfucker any where near my mouth. Oh and also it will kill due to its high level of a toxic substance found on the outside.


Go ahead and take a look at the rest of the slides, and see what foods you enjoy that may just kill you!





  1. weggieboy

    For people with end term kidney failure, there are many restrictions on popular foods like potatoes, bananas, and more, but there is one fruit that absolutely has to be avoided at all costs: star fruit! Star fruit will kill them. Period.

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