Lobster as an Appetizer!?!- Rhode Island

“From this day on I own my father’s gun/We dug his shallow grave beneath the sun/I laid his broken body down below the Southern land/It wouldn’t do to bury him where any Yankee stands”

-Elton John “My Father’s Gun”

“Xander!…Could You Believe a place where you can have a whole Lobster as an appetizer!!!?!” He threw his head back and laughed. The kind of laugh where I could see all his fillings in his teeth. A defining trait of decades of eating Chuckles jelly candies. I had to laugh my damn self baring my own fillings,  Twizzlers was my drug of choice.

Yes, Just Grubbin folks, at The Nordic Lodge for $80 plus dollars per person you too, can feast on all you can eat Lobster and Steak for two hours. It doesn’t sound like a long time but trust me after your third round of Lobster on the plate , with some Scungilli salad on the side, I was tempted to tap out. However , I knew that Prime Rib off the Grill was right around the corner….

Medium Well Done for the Kid, of course!

In navigating through this Glamorously Gluttonous affair I highly advise to move on to the beef after you’ve had your last fill of seafood because it will surely weigh down anyone from a Competitive level of eating to the annoyingly  high metabolism dont-gain-a-pound- thin bodies.

Both Lobster and Steak were tantalizing to the tastebuds. Everyone on staff is more than accommodating making it feel a cut above all those Casino buffets that proclaim that they’re the Greatest Show on Earth. (Speaking of which, if you miss the stink of shame and cigarette smoke from degenerate gamblers, Foxwoods Casino is about 30-40 minutes away from The Nordic Lodge).

The mixed drinks are a little too sweet and syrupy for my liking so I definitely recommend wine or beer.

Desserts are amazing, as there are a wide variety of cheesecake to brownies, pecan pies, create a sundae, cannoli, no stone is unturned here in Rhode Island.

Many People come here by bus. 12 years ago I found myself riding on one my Father had chartered with his family and friends. The Grounds here, have that bucolic Americana feel with the Alpacas and Horses by the stable grazing, having no idea of the carnivorous acts going on inside the Lodge. He loved to put somebody on to a new experience, especially of the epicurean kind.

Xander Charles Sr. would have been 64 today, August 20th. Two Years ago  April 2015, he gave me ownership of his gun, once his time expired on this planet. Whether you think you’re ready or not, you have to point people in the right direction as well as yourself. Our time here is finite. So I thought to share one of his favorite restaurants with you all, because “I have not forgotten the face of my father”.

Happy Birthday Dad.

(Ed. Note – no degenerate gambler’s, competitive eaters, hard gaining gangly thin eater’s feelings were hurt during the making of this post, because I happen to know all three categories personally and they said its cool just as long as I don’t name names like Marlon Brando On The Waterfront.)


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