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One Man Can Change the Worldddd!

Almost one year ago today the face of football was forever changed. It was the San Francisco 49ers final preseason game of 2016 season, and one man chose to take a stand or maybe I should say a knee for equality and social systematic injustice. I’m not going to sugarcoat it in any way. I’m completely biased on this position so I understand if many don’t share my same p.o.v. I encourage you to disagree and form your own opinion; I mean it is your god given right as an American, isn’t it? This county was founded on the patriotism of early settlers freeing themselves from the tyranny of their oppressors, wasn’t it? This country was built on the foundation that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness……. Right? That sounds amazing doesn’t it; so on that fateful first day of September Colin Kaepernick decided to do just that, and separate himself for something that was bigger than the sport of football. IMG_0528Leading up to this day the climate of the country ran rife with paranoia and contempt on both sides of a dividing nation. Outrage grew from the alarming photographic and video images of gross police misconduct and unjustifiable use of deadly force against the African-American community. Eric Garner, Brandon Glenn, Philando Castile; just to name a few, are examples of the many lives lost at the hands of questionable law enforcement protocol. It’s not like this is anything new, at least not to the African-American community. It’s something that has been illuminated to the whole country with the maturation of the smart phone and social media. This was a problem that was easily swept under the rug and kept in the dark by national news outlets i.e. Fox News,CNN,etc. Nowadays it’s much harder to turn away from when it’s thrown in your face from every Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat account across the nation. It took a mixed-race adopted kid from Wisconsin who had dreams of playing in the NFL to make the first wave. I commend Kaep for muting out all the luxury and privilege that come with being a star athlete; listening to his heart and saying this is super fucked up and something needs to be done. He used his platform for something other than self promotion being conscious of the fact that this could potentially lead him to ruin, and blackballed into obscurity. Some may say that his last couple years in the league may have done that; and to that I say touché. Please let’s not forget that the whole franchise was in complete turmoil and on the brink of implosion. They fired the best coach they’ve had since Bill Walsh, didn’t re-sign key players and failed to replace talent through the draft. They also lacked competence in the selection of head coaching candidates. What up Trent Baalke! Learning several new offenses with declining talent and a sinking franchise aren’t an obstacle many QBs can waggle out of. Let’s face it the past couple years the 49ers sucked and Kaep sucked right along with them. He pulled it together somewhat at the end of last year but this was by far the worst stretch of his career. Would I take him over Mike Glennon or Christian Hackenberg or 40 something even worst back ups? Ummm yeah of course I would. It’s sad that Kaep may never play another down in the NFL; yet I’m not upset because he made his mark on the field and defined himself as being more than just a football player off it. However, it doesn’t sit right with me that a league who generates the lions share of their revenue off the backs of young black men; send a message to young black men saying don’t stand up for yourself or what you and many other nationalities, creeds or religions see to be an injustice. It’s ok to abuse your spouse, whoop that trick! It’s ok to do drugs, cocaine is a hell of a drug. It’s ok to pop as many Actavis seals as you want, well maybe not you Jamarcus, but whatever it is good ol Roger and the boys will be there for you. This has been the culture of the NFL for way too long. You are allowed to do hood rat things with your friends, but don’t you dare try to rise up or speak against Master. Ohhhss no we’s don’t wants no trouble Massa. So should we continue to support this league with a mentality on the same plane of existence as a plantation, with handsomely paid field hands? IMG_0532There in lies the conundrum. My first memories are with a football. The last thing I remember from last night before getting pass out drunk was watching the game at the bar and saying damn the Niners still look like trash. I’m just like any other football fiend in January who slaps on a fake smile to hide the pain and suffering of having to wait 8 whole months just to see another first down. So when I hear the word boycott the first thing that comes to mind is blasphemy! How could such a thing even be suggested? Unfortunately; that’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m suggesting a boycott. I’ll be so 💯 with you and say I don’t even know if I can do it. You can’t expect me to just go cold turkey. I’m hoping more Michael Bennett’s, Marshawn’s, Malcolm’s and Chris Long’s stand up to address this.IMG_0531 I would really like for somebody to pick up Kaep and let’s just put this thing past us, so I can watch my Niners lose all season. As long as he is being blackballed though this is just another injustice; being served up to us every Sunday, Monday and sometimes Thursday. The question is will you be watching?

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