News- ESPN Anchors Use Odd Food Analogies To Breakdown Mayweather-McGregor Fight – We all know hunger will make you say some crazy things, especially when you use really odd food analogies to help characterize the most hyped fight of the century. After the long awaited bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor, there was no shortage of opinions. So, for the sake of having a hot take, ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith and boxing trainer and expert Teddy Atlas, used some choice food analogies to characterize the match in a live post-fight analysis segment. 

“He [McGregor] forced a gourmet chef to be a fast-order cook,” Atlas said. “That’s what he did!”


Smith, known for his bombastic personality, was ready to take it further immediately.


“But, doesn’t that make it fast food, instead of à la carte steak?” Smith shouted.


It’s unclear if both men were hungry or if they were just trolling, but as the segment goes on, both anchors continue shouting over each other. At one point, they’re both yelling in agreement.


“Yes, it does,” Atlas screamed back at Smith. “He made him go in there, and he made him flip cheeseburgers. He made him do something that he doesn’t normally do, but his [Mayweather] character allowed him to still walk the guy down and knock the guy out!!” 

At this point, Atlas was literally standing over Smith while yelling on top of his face.


Smith was still charged up and had more curious culinary analogies to clap back with.


“Wait a minute Teddy, if you go to a restaurant to get some steak, to get some filet mignon, but instead you get a burger — ain’t it a burger,” Smith questioned. “I mean, it’s just a burger. That’s what we saw tonight, that’s all I’m saying!'”

This is some of the best sound you’ll hear this year, hell in the past 10 years. Stephen A. Smith is a national treasure , he says NOTHING better than anyone on gods green earth. Even when he agrees with someones point he’ll go on a rant spewing all sorts of 10 point words and diatribes. At some point it sounds like Teddy got tased or punched while trying to hold his ground against the GOAT of sports content.

Here’s the Youtube clip.


Bonus: Do you see the moves?!



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