An Imperishable Beauty: Pearl Oyster Bar- NY

When the Summer approaches Terminator 2 August 29, 1997 levels of apocalyptic Heat…do you really want another Hot ass Burger off Grill!?! Hell Naw! My Boujee @$$ wants that cool refreshing Lobster Roll, with Knuckle and Tail meat Galore!!

So finely put together and Full Bodied. Like Ashley Graham in a swimsuit. Pearl Oyster Bar’s Lobster roll is STACKED with Goodness. All the meat brimming at the top of that Roll you’re going to need a Fork just to nibble first before you dare pick up that lightly toasted and buttered split bun. Sometimes when you order a Lobster Roll its anemic, but not Pearl’s own. For a few(alright about $10) dollars extra you can have the premier Lobster Roll in NYC which in my opinion is as good as anything in Maine or Massachusetts.
Accompanying this delightful Treasure of a Sandwich are a Cruise ship load of shoestring Fries. Normally if you don’t eat fries , you may make an exception. They are salted just enough to make you casually go for the water, not snatch at it greedily. Soft to the point of not being like potato chips either.

For an Encore I had the Blueberry Crumble Pie which tasted as if they went to a dairy farm right downstairs. Nothing dry or too sweet about that slice and vanilla ice cream. Definitely big enough to share between two people.
Pearl Oyster Bar was unrelenting in dealing out straight up Goodness from their Kitchen. With every bite My taste buds had to submit to the truth.
“Listen, and understand! (Pearl Oyster Bar Lobster Roll) is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until (all other cheap imitators) are Dead!”
Lovers of great food (like Ratatouille’s Anton Ego)….”I know Now Why You Cry”



  1. drpaulh65

    I have to second your motion on the quality and ambiance of Pearl Oyster Bar. I’ve had the good fortune to have lunch there and to thoroughly enjoy their lobster roll. When I return to NYC, I’ll definitely return there and taste more of the menu. Cheers!

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