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Where to begin with Buns Bar. I found this place because I was taking my morning dump and jaut perusing through Facebook and saw this post from Delish. I happen to stumble across a post showing a burger with fries mozzarella as the patties. Immediately I’m thinking this is going to be delicious and no way in hell it could be bad…… well it just so happens I was left unimpressed.

A bar that specializes in burgers and milkshakes with liquor seems like a genius idea. A lot of places do it. You just have to make really good burgers, sell nice milkshakes, and have a good/friendly bartender. Let’s start with the first aspect in that equation, the burger.

1. 21st Century Burger w/ Parmesan truffle fries.

Bland. That’s right, bland as shit. This thing had no seasoning or any flavor. The burger was a good cut of meat, they cooked it to perfection as you can see, but honestly it had no flavor at all. They didn’t season the meat nor the mozzarella sticks. I’ve been to places where I can enjoy mozz sticks without marinara sauce because they were so good but not these. You needed marinara sauce, BUT GUESS WHAT?!? They don’t have any, or any condiments for that matter, just ketchup and some shitty ass tobacco sauce. The concept of the burger is a genius idea but they need to add flavor to it. The best part of my meal was the fries and the onions they put on the burger.  The mozzarella buns and the burgers sucked. I’m starting to think the people at Delish are too scared to be upfront with companies and just said this is a must try because it’s different, not based off of the actual flavor of the meal itself.

2. (I didn’t have a milkshake so I won’t review that 🤷🏾‍♂️)

3) The bar and the bartender.

She stunk smh. Hate to say it but she did. Listen, I didn’t choose this job for you but you’re a bartender, so try your best. We tried making conversation with her to be polite and she just gave one word answers and didn’t really care for us to be there (mind you we were the only ones there).  We sat at the bar and she just proceeded to get on her phone for the first 10 minutes we were there before taking our order and even after that she simply couldn’t be bothered. If you don’t want to be a bartender then don’t, don’t ruin my trip because you’re not feeling it today though .

I give Buns Bar the rating of Geno Smith.

It won’t be your first choice but if you’re stuck and have no where else to go, you’ll ride out with them and make it work in a pinch…. but only if you have to.

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