News- Restaurant workers caught preparing food..on the to dumpsters SMH


A video showing two restaurant workers in North Carolina preparing food outside on the ground has sparked a health department investigation.Two employees at Tokyo Grill & Buffet in Charlotte were captured sitting near the restaurant’s dumpster as they chopped onions.Fox 46 reports that the incident happened in May and the Mecklenburg County Health Department visited the restaurant earlier this week to investigate, calling it a “critical violation.”

A general manager for Tokyo Grill didn’t explain why the workers were preparing food outside on the ground, but said at least one employee has been fired over it.

SMFH you go in for some sushi and next thing you know you’re eating dumpster rice. I love how casual and nonchalant they are as they just ignore the 47395781 health code violations and continue to prep onions like it’s normal. Let’s get it together Tokyo Grill, giving Charlotte a smelly black eye on its dining resume.



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