Fast Food Wars- In-N-Out is suing Smashburger for stealing its iconic ‘Double Double’ burger–  In-N-Out Burger is suing its rival Smashburger claiming it has copied it’s double-double, triple-triple and quad-quad burger concepts.

The California-based burger giant filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on Monday, claiming that Smashburger’s ‘Triple Double’ is too similar to its famed ‘Double Double’ burger.

In-N-Out is known for its equal-ingredient burgers, including the double-double, having two patties and two slices of cheese, the triple-triple, having three patties and three slices of cheese, and so on. 

The burger chain has not specifically trademarked the Triple Double name, but it claims that customers often customize their double-double order to a similar concept, having three slices of cheese and two patties.

‘Smashburger’s use of the Triple Double and Smashburger Triple Double marks is likely to confuse and mislead the consuming public, and injure In-N-Out, by causing consumers to believe incorrectly that Smashburger’s products originate from or are authorized by In-N-Out,’ the lawsuit, obtained by the OC Register, states.

In-N-Out, an institution beloved by fans in the Southwest, said that it has trademarks for several different sandwiches, some of which were obtained more than 40 years ago.

Nothing that’ll break a community down and split it into two like a good ‘ol fashioned fast food war. Forreal though how dumb does In-N-Out think we are that we can’t tell them apart from Smashburger? Like I know years of playing football probably gave me some form of CTE but I’m not sitting down at Smashburger…biting into my burger…and then looking around perplexed trying to figure out how I ended up here and not In-N-Out. Cut the malarky Thomas Inandout, there’s enough money and hungry consumers to go around and fatten everyone’s pockets.



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