News- With Their New Uniforms, White Castle Employees Can Go From Work Right To The Club –  Long gone are the days of dorky uniforms seemingly meant to only embarrass employees while on the job. Now, we’re entering an era where you may just find inspo while ordering your burger to go. 

Case in point, allow us to show you White Castle‘s latest uniform update, boasting a streetwear aesthetic and shot by legendary photographer Jayson Keeling

The new uniforms are actually a collaboration between White Castle and Queens, NY-raised avant garde designer Telfar Clemens.


Clemens not only admits to frequenting the fast food establishment – “It’s the only thing open at 4am when I’m getting back from the city,” he tells i-D – he actually threw his spring/summer 16 fashion show after-party at the Times Square location.

“It was really last minute,” he continues. “No invite list, no press at all. Every picture is from people’s phones and most people were too busy to take their phones out. That’s what made it so good.”

The impromptu event created a lasting relationship between Telfar and the longtime restaurant, and every season since, the label has held White Castle-sponsored after-parties.

Not even gonna lie, my next visit to White Castle I will certainly be grabbing one of those hoodies to go a long with my crave case and sack of fries. Let’s see how Mcdonald’s counters…maybe some skinny jeans and a snapback idk idk idk.


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