Power Rankings – “Ranking Fast Food Bacon from the Worst to the Best”

SI.com –  I am writing to you from what must be the seventh straight year of bacon glorification, and I am sorry to report that the situation on the ground is anything but epic. While the nation’s culinary hotspots seem to have ditched their bacon-swizzle stick bloody marys, fast food restaurants have picked up the slack. The “bacon makes everything better” ethos is alive and well, at least in the minds of whoever comes up with drive-thru novelties. At Arby’s, you can add a slice of brown sugar bacon to a shake; at Burger King, you can add it to a chicken sandwich. At both these places, it will be lackluster.

Part of the problem is that bacon resists automation. It’s easy to cook, but you have to pay attention to it, and it doesn’t cook nearly as fast as a hamburger patty. If you let it sit around, it quickly loses its charm. To get around this hurdle, many fast food places resort to using pre-cooked bacon. It’s not always bad, exactly, but it’s never as good as what you’d make at home. (I don’t feel this way about hamburgers or tacos or almost anything else.) Bacon is now seen as a condiment and treated with the kind of afterthought once reserved for shredded lettuce and watery tomatoes. The flavor is fine, usually, but it’s clear that the absolute minimum effort went into everything but the marketing. 

We know that these lists are subjective and everyone experiences food differently but I would consider this to be a fairly legit list even though I think Wendy’s deserves to be higher (the JBC, Baconator fries and the classic Baconator are national treasures!!) . Below is a summary of the list:

  1. Shake Shack
  2. McDonald’s 
  3. Dunkin Donuts
  4. Checkers
  5. Five Guys
  6. Wendy’s
  7. Subway
  8. Starbucks
  9. Arby’s
  10. Burger King



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