HERE’S WHY MOST FAST-FOOD CHAINS DON’T SERVE ALCOHOL & NEVER WILL – ON A RECENT TRIP TO PARIS, I learned that one of the most jarring cultural disparities wasn’t the language barrier or the persistent and inexplicable barrage of mimes; it was the divine luxury of walking into a McDonald’s and being able to order a full glass of beer. It blew Vincent Vega’s mind back in the ’90s, and it blew my mind two decades later.


So why can’t we order a McBeer with our Quarter Pounders in America? For that matter, why can’t we dip our fries in a refreshing glass of rosé at Wendy’s or other major fast-food joints? If sit-down chains like Applebee’s can serve beer and cocktails, why don’t more counter-service restaurants?

Everything in that article makes complete sense but damn now I really want a McChicken and a McBeer to wash it down with smh. Also I can only imagine if they started this trend at every fast food restaurant, probably would go like this…and nobody needs this.

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