News- Tinder for Restaurants? –  Swiping right is now an option to find a date spot, not just a date: a new app, Feed Me, from Montreal-based journalist turned entrepreneur Amie Watson uses the same swiping approach as dating app Tinder to help users pick restaurants near them.

The app is fairly straightforward: upon opening the app, users will be presented with a restaurant near to their current location. They can tap the restaurant to see more pictures and scroll down to see details and reviews (the pictures and reviews are drawn for Yelp); they can then swipe left to reject the restaurant, or right if they approve. It’s then saved in a favourites section. Rejected restaurants aren’t gone forever — they’ll eventually come back.

Users can also select different filters, showing only restaurants of a specific cuisine, or restaurants that work well for dates (and even break-ups).

According to Watson, the app makes choosing or finding restaurants an easier task — instead of a hungry would-be diner having to actively seek out options, the app presents options, and users only have to say yes or no.

Gotta love how easy everything is in 2017, you can literally find an app for anything you desire. I’m definitely going to test this out though because sometimes you just need to be told where to eat instead of wasting mad time debating and over thinking with your significant other. So bravo to you Amie Watson!

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