Watching Action Bronson Grocery Shop While He’s High As Hell Will Be The Highlight of Your Monday

Munchies.TV –  “I bought black beans, lemonade, and knives.”

Take a journey down the supermarket aisles with Fuck, That’s Delicious host and rapper extraordinaire Action Bronson.

Watch in the video below as we hit the grocery store with Mr. Wonderful. Sometimes, it’s only through the powers of pot that one might realize: Why not simultaneously buy knives, lemonade, and every type of sugary breakfast cereal on the planet?

As for those magical cereal bars, yes, we have the damn recipe. And they’re really good. Like, really really good. Make them now and get in the spirit, for real.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….Action Bronson is a national treasure and needs to be treated as such, simple as that.

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