Ester’s Neighborhood Pub – Denver, Colorado


IMG_9309.JPGWhenever I look for a brunch place the first thing I search is, “bottomless mimosas brunch”.  Let’s be honest for brunch you either need to do BYOB or bottomless, I’m not willing to pay $15 to suck down two cups of mostly juice. If you make your mimosas 50/50 please know that you’re wrong.  That being said through the powers of Google I found Ester’s Neighborhood Pub and a mythical creature known only as a “Champagne Fairy”

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I have actually been to Ester’s a total of three times before I decided to write about it. The first time I was actually just looking for a place to pee and sit at the bar to kill time. The second time I actually went with our fearless leader Lauren Biddle to nurse hangover.  When we were there I ordered their chicken and waffles, which I was sad to discover, was bone-in. 10 minutes in I’m sweating from battling my chicken meat off the bone. I mean it was delicious but I wasn’t mentally prepared for a mid afternoon chicken war.IMG_9301.JPG


The third time I finally got it right! The thing that really sets Esters brunch apart from the rest is the way they do their bottomless mimosas.  For $12 they fill up an entire glass with champagne allowing you to pick how much juice and what kind. If you don’t feel like getting up you can just keep drinking champagne and they’ll keep refilling your glass. #champagnefairy In addition to this magical breakfast muse like most places in Colorado, Ester’s has a great selection of beer so if you need a break from champagne their beers pair nicely.

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This time I followed my caucastic heart right to the avocado toast with bacon and it was nothing short of delicious. Whole grain toast, avocado, egg and cilantro just a plate of pure happiness.  No meat sweats, just relaxed day drinking like adults.  If you believe mimosas should be made 95/5 this is the place for you.

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