News – An Author Says That A Mexican Food Diet Is Good For You – Heaping scoops of queso on crispy tortilla chips may be healthy, it turns out.

Maru Davila published “The Mexican Food Diet” book last year but a second edition of the book is coming out this month. The author has been busy doing interviews recently about what she claims is a great way to lose weight— eating Mexican food.

“It does not matter if you are Mexican or not,” Davila wrote in a November 2016 Facebook post. “Recent polls show Mexican food as America’s favorite cuisine. However, many people believe that Mexican food makes you fat and unhealthy. The reality is, that Mexican food is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.”

Davila said she strayed from the food while growing up in Mexico in an attempt to stay thin.


She said Mexican food is good for “detoxifying your body” and “hot peppers are rock stars when it comes to weight loss and health.”

Now THIS is a diet I can get behind! Mexican is one of my favorite genre’s of food, and now you’re telling me I can stuff my face with taquitos and queso and still get this good dad bod in shape for summer ’18?! Legooooooooooo!

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Image result for mexican food excited  gif


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