News- “Brooklyn food festival ignites outrage by charging $75 for tiny pizza” –  No matter how you slice it, this pizza party was the pits.

A Brooklyn food festival left angry connoisseurs with a bad taste in their mouths after shelling out $75 for slices that were barely bigger than a pizza roll.

And now the state attorney general’s office is looking into their complaints.

Guests said they waited on line for more than an hour in Bushwick Saturday to sample the goods at the New York City Pizza Festival, only to get glasses of warm wine and slivers instead of whole slices.

Video from the event shows lines around the block of a near-empty parking lot. An attendee said on Facebook there were just three tents serving up slices of pizza “smaller than my palm.”

“It was like the people from Fyre Festival decided to throw a pizza party,” attendee Connell Burke told Gothamist, referring to the heavily promoted, disastrous music festival that landed the promoter in jail in New York earlier this summer.

My god what a A+ hustle, 75 bucks and all you got was some warm boones farm and cut up slices of Sbarro. I’m sure the cat that pulled this “festival” off has evacuated the country or at least the greater New York area because if I would have attended this me and that gentleman would have had to have some words to say the least. I would have gotten that first slice and my reaction immediately woulda been Image result for angry gif

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