News – “The Five Pettiest Lawsuits Against Fast-Food Chains” – Lawsuits against fast-food restaurants have become relatively common since an infamous 1993 case where a woman sued McDonald’s and won $2.86 million after spilling nearly-boiling hot coffee on herself. (Given her fairly major injuries, the case actually had a lot more merit than that description would suggest.)

Since then, Starbucks has been on the receiving end of similar hot coffee lawsuits — in the last two years alone, two separate plaintiffs have blamed injuries on faulty lids on Starbucks coffee. Although one was successful, the damages have never come close to the millions awarded in the older McDonald’s case.

Below the well-publicized hot coffee lawsuits there’s a whole sub-strain of even more ridiculous claims against fast-food restaurants, from dubious claims of chains misleading customers, to arguments that a restaurant allowed someone to eat something they really shouldn’t. Here are five of the most notable from recent years.

Following a case complaining that Starbucks did not fill its hot drinks all the way to the top, the coffee chain received two more cases against its iced drinks. Both cases argued that because Starbucks put ice in its iced tea and coffee beverages, customers weren’t receiving the full volume of coffee they had paid for (example: a 24-ounce Venti iced coffee might have only 14 ounces of coffee, not counting the ice).

One case is still pending, while the other received a smackdown from a California judge who clearly brushed up on the mechanics of cold drinks via ‘80s fast-food training videos.

If children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive, the court has no difficulty concluding that a reasonable consumer would not be deceived into thinking that when they order an iced tea, that the drink they receive will include both ice and tea and that for a given size cup.

You know what, i’m not even mad at this person’s attempt. They paid their 43 bucks for a iced coffee from Starbucks and they wanted their cup filled to the brink. Now did they think this thing through, absolutely not but as the old saying goes …. you can’t win a stupid ass lawsuit against a major corporation if you never try, or something like that.

Also shoutout to the Judge for completely shutting this down with that burn, ouch.

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