News – “TIFF ’17: Spurlock tackles fast food industry in “Super Size Me” sequel” – Inspiration can come from anywhere.

For Morgan Spurlock, the inspiration for his feature Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! came from an email he received from an ad agency, asking if the Super Size Me director would be interested in staring in an ad for a popular fast food restaurant.

The premise of the spot would have had Spurlock trying to expose the fast food company, only to find out that the food is actually healthy.

Naturally, the director was suspicious of the language being used in the fast food industry.

“There is something happening behind the curtain that we don’t know about,” he tells realscreen. 

The request was a springboard for Spurlock to tell a new story about the fast food industry.

I’m here for this, Super Size Me was a dope, informative look into Mcdonald’s and also provided a lot of comedy. So I’m sure Morgan will bring us some great material about what goes on behind the scenes in the chicken farming industry, just hopefully it doesn’t ruin chicken for me because lord knows I love me a good 3 piece and a biscuit.

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