News – Denny’s New Mascot is Pretty Crappy

Foodbeast.comDenny’s has a new sausage mascot that really looks more like, well, something else.


The above photo of the new Denny’s character has gone viral because it literally looks like a piece of poop. Since the original picture went online, nearly everybody has been taking hilarious shots at this “sausage.”


That’s what i’m talking about Denny’s, that’s exactly what the people want….to indulge in their Grand Slam while staring at a giant turd rockin a fedora. Just think about this for a second people, that had to get cleared and approved by mad people before it was rolled out and released. That means multiple highly paid employees over at Big Denny’s Corp saw this huge Mr. Hanky looking thing and said “Yup, let’s do it!” smh.

Image result for mr hankey gif


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