News – “Postmates Just Started Delivering Beer in Philly” – Despite its inhabitants’ love of and passion for booze, Philadelphia — because of where it’s situated in the United States — has never been a hospitable environment for buying alcohol. Between having to split time between bottle shops and distributors on beer runs, plus the abysmal, overpriced wine selections found at our Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores, purchasing alcohol outside of a bar and restaurant in this city is straight up annoying.

But over the last year or two, things have gotten a little easier. The PLCB loosened up a bit, new distilleries have sprouted, and liquor licenses have been extended to grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. In 2015, Hawthornes launched Quick Sip, beer delivery service that just added wine to its roster last year. GoPuffPhiladelphia’s hottest start-up on-demand delivery company, also added beer to its product list (which now includes everything from sex toys, to rolling papers, to Soylent).

Today, one more on-demand delivery app got on board the beer-delivery train in Philly: Postmates.

What a time to be alive! We may not have flying cars yet but if you would have told me I can basically have EVERYTHING delivered to me I prob would have rolled my eyes at you and told you to get your crazy ass out of my face. But here we are, living in Homer Simpson’s perfect universe of convenience and laziness and I couldn’t be happier.

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