Grubbin Sports: Breaking Down the Mullet

There is something about some good flow that gets you all nimbly bimbly and right now no one pulls off the sexy look better than Mike Gundy. The dude just has it. I have to believe that it started as somewhat of a joke but has now turned into a lifestyle. Does it get his wife all boned up? I would have to think so. Hell Gundy probably has all the women in the state of Oklahoma begging their husbands to grow one (I would guess some have kept it for the last 30 years though). That’s just how transformative and sexy it is.

The Boz rocked it the best back in the day but there’s a new sheriff in town now. Gundy probably saw that 30 for 30 on the Boz where he cried like a little biotch throughout the whole thing. Kind of ruined it for me. Hopefully the Boz never reads this though as he would pummel me into the ground. Probably while crying and repeatedly saying he’s sorry though. The Boz got soft on all of us. Most likely it was from hitting rock bottom and not punishing his body with needles anymore. What a shame.
So next time you walk into Super Cuts to get that good $12 trim take a long look in the mirror and tell her to leave the back long and the sides short. Its time to PARTY.

Oh and as I am writing this the Pokes are up 35-0.  The Mullet is making moves.

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