Grubbin Sports, College Football: The Good, The Meh & The Arby’s

Okay so we all know who the top teams are right now for the most part but I want to explore the teams that are “good” that we maybe didn’t see coming. The teams that are “meh” that have underachieved and then the “Arby’s” which are the teams that are utter trash.

Let’s start with some surprise teams so far this season.

                             “The Good”

Cal – (3-0)

With wins against UNC and Ole Miss the Cal Bears are WAY ahead of schedule and could make some noise in the Pac 12 this year. A tough bout against USC this week which will probably produce an L but if they are competitive then this team is the real deal.

Purdue – (2-1)

Boiler up baby!!! I predicted Purdue would be terrible this season and I am glad that prediction is looking wrong at this point. A tough loss week 1 to Louisville showed promise and the thrashing they just gave Missouri proves this team has a different feel about them. The Wolverines are on deck this week and will show us just how much Purdue has progressed.

Duke – (3-0)

Now Northwestern and this years version of Baylor aren’t juggernauts but they aren’t bad wins either. I had them 0-2 in these matchups so to come out with 2 wins is impressive. Looking ahead 7 to 8 wins is doable and just when you think a 3-9 season is on deck Cutcliffe spits in your face and says not today my friend.

San Diego State – (3-0)

Are the Aztecs in the Pac 12??? I didn’t think so but if the season ended today they are 2-0 against the Pac 12 and would be leading the way. With wins against Arizona State and Stanford in back to back weeks this team is rolling. They have a New Year’s Six bowl in their crosshairs. They just need to take care of business in conference now.

                            “The Meh”

Louisville – (2-1)

The Purdue game was not impressive even though they are improved. Neither was the UNC game and they have 6-6 written all over them. Then there was the big game this week against Clemson in which Louisville was put right in their place. They are good enough to beat up on people but they can’t hang with the big boys yet. This team is literally all Lamar Jackson as he is the only running game they have. Still he was highly inaccurate this week but was the only reason why they were in the game at times. The defense is just bad. I think Clemson set the record for the most successful double moves in one game. Yeesh.

Stanford – (1-2)

I was willing to give Stanford a pass on the USC game. Yes they were beat up in the trenches which is rare but it happens. But to drop to San Diego State this week is unacceptable. The Aztecs are good but they aren’t Stanford good. The season is slowly unraveling but if anyone can hold it together it is David Shaw. He needs to find some offense though and fast.

Tennessee – (2-1)

That game against Florida is the definition of why Butch Jones is a bad coach. Yes i know Florida technically could have gotten in field goal range so you couldn’t line up 3 guys by the goal-line necessarily. But you at least tell them don’t let ANYTHING get behind you. Instead both safeties got beat and Franks completes a bomb for the win. I hope Butch hasn’t slept since that game ended because he shouldn’t be able to. Some people count sheep, he counts hail mary’s. I say that was karma for the miracle against Georgia last year. It wasn’t just the Florida game though or just that play. The game against GT should have been a loss as well. Just bad play all around this season. More losses to come for the Vols.

Auburn – (2-1)

What is going on with this team? Only 24 points against Mercer this week is pathetic. Stidham looks mediocre and things need to turn around and quick. The Clemson loss doesn’t look as bad on paper as it did on TV which may help later if they can make a run but I am not seeing it in them at this point. We are going to find out more in 2 weeks against Mississippi State. That game will be season defining for sure. Oh and if they lose to Missouri this week fire Mahlzan.

Texas A&M – (2-1)

I’ve been on a SEC fire train so far so why stop now. A&M looked like diarrhea in the first half against UL Lafayette this week and that wild WW2 wielding booster probably had that thing aimed at Sumlin’s house at halftime. I mean come on Aggies if you want your coach to get fired you are doing a pretty good job. The talent is there but the will to win doesn’t seem to be and in the end that is on the coach. The schedule gets REAL starting this week and doesn’t let up anytime soon. Sumlin needs to sprinkle a whole truck load of pixie dust on this team and soon.

“The Arby’s”

If you haven’t figured it out yet I hate Arby’s and everything they stand for so this isn’t a good category to be in. On to some stinky hot roast beef…..

Baylor – (0-3)

Well I didn’t think this would be a quick turnaround for Matt Rhule and the gang but I didn’t see an 0-3 start coming either. I mean the Duke loss isn’t terrible at face value but when you opened with a loss to Liberty and UTSA that is embarrassing. It doesn’t get much easier with Baker Mayfield coming to town ready to shove 70 points down your throat. Sorry but not sorry Baylor. It seems you deserve this for Art Briles sins.

Kansas – (1-2)

Who knew the almighty Bobcats would send Kansas home with a 12 point loss? I mean part of me was a little surprised but then the other part said this makes sense. There were 3 wins early and the Jayhawks only got 1. I think you can pencil in 1-11 from here.

Nebraska – (1-2)

Oh hey Mike Reilly you went 29-33 in your last 5 years at Oregon State please come lead our historic football team back to the promised land…..said no one ever except for the Huskers. Nebraska was it the 29 wins or the 33 losses that attracted you to him? I can’t really tell. All I know is Mike isn’t disappointing. He is literally delivering everything he promised which is a mediocre offense, a mediocre defense and the enthusiasm of a retirement home on bingo night. Someone tell Tanner Lee that he needs to throw his team the ball and maybe they will have a shot against Illinois and Rutgers coming up. If they don’t win these two then this season is in shambles and that is being nice.

Arizona State – (1-2)

I literally just laugh out loud when I see ASU’s scores roll across the bottom of the TV. Barely beating NM State was comical. San Diego State at least validated the loss this week by beating Stanford which helps ASU’s cause a little. Then they put up 45 points this week in a loss which sounds promising until you realize it was against Texas Tech who only plays with 9 defenders on the field at one time so they can get the ball back quicker. Thanks for the laughs Todd Graham. Much appreciated.

There are probably some teams I missed or could have included (looking at you UCLA) but this list should be enough for now. We will revisit in a few weeks to see who has progressed and add some newcomers into the rotation.

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