News- “Christian Bale Gains Tons of Weight For Dick Cheney Role By Eating ‘Lots Of Pies'” – Actor Christian Bale is famous for going through insane weight changes to match his characters’ physiques. Previously, he dropped 65 pounds for a role in The Machinist before seriously bulking up for Batman Begins within the same year. His latest transformation, however, is definitely shocking.
Bale showed up at the Toronto International Film festival showing off some serious weight gain. Apparently, he’s adding pounds for an upcoming portrayal of former Vice President Dick Cheney. He’ll be playing Cheney in the upcoming biopic Backseat, which doesn’t have a release date as of right now. 
When asked how he’s been putting on the weight, Bale responded by saying “I’ve just been eating a lot of pies.” Top tip for anyone trying to gain weight fast, though the sugar and fat there definitely aren’t gonna do you any favors in the health department. Still, we appreciate Bale’s commitment to his role, and can’t wait to witness his rendition of the former VP.

Damn I wish I could eat hella pies and get paid for it. Forget the millions of dollars and the adoring fans…no no no sign me up acting so I can be a fat ass and whenever someone questioned me about it I can just say, “Research for a role” while wiping ketchup from my chin and shirt.

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