News- ” Man Escapes Hurricane Irma, Winds Up at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar” – Scott Cannariato wasn’t planning on taking any vacations anytime soon, but that all changed as he watched the Hurricane Irma coverage on TV two weeks ago.

Scannariato lives in an apartment complex in St. Petersburg, just over the Howard Franklin Bridge from Tampa, and as the week wore on, things were looking worse and worse for the Tampa Bay Area.

“Everybody was watching hardcore as Irma was inching west every single day,” remembers Scannariato, a 26-year-old customer service agent for an insurance company. “The stress level was starting to rise, and that Thursday, I sent an email to my manager, saying we were leaving town on Saturday.”

But then Scannariato’s mom, Anna, who also lives in St. Petersburg, called him and said, “Nope … we’re leaving on Friday morning. Be ready.” So, Scannariato and his dog, a Corgi-Beagle mix named Kosh, loaded into his Camry, while his mom followed along in her Passat.

This is just a very dope story, they City of Brotherly Love working at it’s finest! For no reason at all here’s a GIF of Rocky running very hard and aggressively in Philly.

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