Grubbin Sports: Nebraska Football – Where Have You Gone & When Will You Be Back?

Well the easy answer is to fire Mike Riley and hire Scott Frost but let’s get a little deeper into this conundrum. If you are between the age of 18-24 AKA a young go hard then you mainly know Nebraska as the team that got murdered by Miami in the 2001 National Championship and have never been the same since.

The Nebraska faithful were spoiled for 25 years by Tom Osborne and seemed to forget that they were getting sick and tired of him constantly losing big national championship type games for the longest time until he realed off one of the most impressive runs in College Football history. 3 national championships in 4 years will turn you from an icon to a legend and rightfully so. I used to HATE those Nebraska teams back then mainly because they were so good. Now I wish we could transplant those teams to present day because I want Nebraska football to be relevant in the national championship picture again.

Frank Solich had them there still after Osborne retired but after a 7-7 and 9-3 season Husker nation had enough, Solich was run out of town and in comes the guru Bill Callahan. Bill was going to “revolutionize” Nebraska football and bring their offense into the 21st century with a pro style passing attack. Instead he just brought disappointment and mediocrity. None of which had really been seen since the 50’s & early 60’s before Bob Devaney came to Lincoln.

Then came Bo Pelini AKA The Big Toe. Bo was the opposite of the mild mannered Tom Osborne with his brash Youngstown Ohio in your face attitude. Cursing out refs and 15 yard personal fouls were a regular occurrence for him and I don’t think Husker fans were ready for that. Bo also couldn’t get over the hump as he had 4 losses each year except his last and that was only because he was fired before he could lose the bowl game.

After the Pelini firing AD Shawn Eichorst (who just got canned) scoured the earth to find the perfect coach and he came up with…..Mike Riley? I mean yes Mike Riley did good things at Oregon State every once in a while but if you are looking for consistency and to inject some energy into your program he is not your guy. His first season at 5-7 was tough and riddled with last second losses which I can forgive to some degree. Then last year they start red hot but ended the same way Bo did with 4 losses. Still 9-4 though which showed promise but now at 1-2 with a loss to Northern Illinois it is time to send Mike Riley into retirement after the season. Sure in two weeks they may be 3-2 after playing Rutgers and Illinois back to back but after that a 4-5 win season is in their crosshairs.

As I said at the top the easy and obvious answer is to bring in Scott Frost who won Nebraska’s last national championship. But sometimes the obvious answer is the right answer and I couldn’t see Frost passing up the opportunity to coach his Alma Mater. He is young and energetic and is just what Nebraska needs to turn them around. If he can’t do it then maybe no one can.

And with that I will leave you with the greatest run these eyes have ever seen by the greatest college quarterback ever. EVER!

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