News- “These celebrities are shamefully obsessed with fast food” –  Nicki Minaj had a perfectly good reason for hitting the stage late at Philipp Plein’s NYFW after-party on Tuesday: She needed her Popeyes fix.

Sources told Page Six that the rapper was nearly an hour late to her performance because she was hungry and waiting for someone to fetch her the brand’s beloved chicken.

Minaj, who famously doesn’t “f- -k with those chickens unless they last name is cutlet,” isn’t the only celeb with an unabashed love for fast food. Here’s a look at notables with a penchant for greasy goodness.

Just an excuse for me to post a GIF of Rihanna, my my my….I could watch her paint her living room and be completely entertained. 

Image result for rihanna eating salad gif

Image result for rihanna eating gif

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