News – “Flippy, the hamburger cooking robot, gets its first restaurant gig”

Techcrunch.comToday at Disrupt SF, we got our first look at Flippy in its final form. Miso Robotics has been showing off its burger-flipping “robotic kitchen assistant” for several months now, but today’s food robotics panel marks the first time we’ve actually seen it put to work in a real-world kitchen.

No surprise, Caliburger is the first restaurant to get its hands on a Flippy. The fast casual restaurant has started demoing the robot in its Pasadena location — Miso’s home turf. The company was an early investor in the startup — in fact, according to CEO and co-founder David Zito, the restaurant actually helped inspire Flippy’s current functionality as a burger flipping ‘bot during early conversations with the startup.

Caliburger also pre-ordered a number of the robots, with plans to implement them in 50 of its restaurants. While U.S. based, the food chain is international, with many of its locations in places like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Pasadena get first crack at the robot, however, with Flippy currently operating in secret behind a black curtain. 

In some ways, the robot hasn’t changed too much since its earliest days. Flippy is still essentially an industrial robotic arm. The biggest difference from a purely design standpoint is in Flippy’s hand. The clasping claw from earlier has been updated to a classic spinning spatula. The upgrade took a lot of programming on Miso’s end, but it was necessary. After all, you need the easiest to clean surface when dealing with raw meat — you really don’t want that stuff getting caught up in a device’s various nooks and crannies.

Annndddddd it’s officially happening, I keep trying to warn everyone that it’s only a matter of time before all this tech and machinery becomes self aware. They’ve already been playing around with all this artifical intelligence and making “progress” but why??!! Do none of these damn evil genius nerds watch movies or t.v., we know what the end result of this is going to be smh. One day you’re going to ask Alexa to put on something and she’s going to shut the whole crib down.

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