News – “The Eagles Are Extremely Undefeated When Mark Zuckerberg Is In Philly Getting Cheesesteaks” – Obviously there was something magic in the air in South Philly yesterday. As a lifelong Philly sports fan, I can confirm that shit like that Jake Elliott game winning field goal just don’t happen here. The Eagles don’t just pick up a kid 2 weeks ago who eventually goes on to hit the longest field goal in team history to ruin a division opponent’s season in week 3. At least not without the help of some sort of magic. As it turns out, that magic came in the form of Mark Zuckerberg hanging out on Passyunk Ave to grab a few cheesesteaks with the boys at Pat’s.

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When it comes to the great debate of who’s the better cheesesteak among the tourist spots, Pat’s or Geno’s, my money is always on Pat’s. Me and Big Al have this debate that turns into a heated argument constantly and all he can point too is that Geno’s has a flat steak….he literally conceded that Pat’s has the better whiz, cheese fries, quality of ingredients and bread….yet somehow….he’s a Geno guy….yea you guy’s try and figure that one out. I personally think he just owes someone money over there and that’s his way of repaying his debts. Idk idk idk just speculating, maybe I’ll spark this up on the next show and make him explain himself.

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