Beyond the Grub- Things Fall Apart: The Theory of Misdirection

So it seems it all deflects back to Kaep. Former San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick’s legend continues to grow as President Trump digs himself deeper out of favor with minority’s who make up the majority of the NFL and NBA leagues. What started out as gesture for equality has quickly snowballed into a division between the White House and professional sports; albeit NASCAR and the NHL, surprise surprise, stand firm in their support of the H.N.I.C. Yes, this a great debate issue, they kneel they don’t love our country! You don’t support our protest you’re a racist! Blah blah blah.IMG_0867
I’m starting to think everyone is losing sight of what’s really going on and why the leader of the free world is spending so much time and energy on this. It’s classic DEFLECTION people, perfected by masters of deception such as magicians and the Bush’s. This is sleight of hand at its best. You’re looking at a pretty puff of smoke while the real trick is being performed elsewhere.  200w
While he is avoiding issues like the ongoing investigation into collusion with Russia, reporting his own brand of fake news on Iranian missile launches, and the recent uncovering of his daughter and son-in-law using their own personal emails to talk with administration officials a la Hillary Clinton. I would probably set my focus on another issue to get my supporters riled up as well. This is where football comes in, the great sacrificial lamb for the man without a plan. Forget that Senator Cassidy’s proposed healthcare bill has been remixed more than anything Diddy has ever done and is still yet to get through; let’s just direct our energy to the “traitors” who dare express their freedom of speech and to peacefully protest. Ironically enough if you’re a neo nazi waving a flag bearing a swastika you’re just as American as apple pie.

It’s pretty fucking majestic how he is able to skirt the real issues and get everybody to focus their attention on the “un-patriotism” of the NFL while he tweets, yes tweets, a declaration of war against North Korea. Sun Tzu’s Art of War shows how deception is essential to any successful campaign. I’m sure Mr. Trump is more than familiar with this tactic, just look at how he won his own presidential campaign. He is using the oldest trick in the book and it looks like the majority is falling for it hook, line, and sinker. IMG_0866

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