Grubbin Sports: College Football – Visiting Locker Rooms Not “Nice” Enough For You Jimmy Boy? Let’s Discuss…

Ladies and gentlemen the Milk Man is back!!!!! I have to start this off by saying that I love me some Jim Harbaugh. He’s the best. Just pure entertainment at its core. And although he has some good points lets dig into this a little deeper.

First of all I have no problem with Purdue’s visitor locker room being absolute trash.  Considering they only have 3 Big Ten wins in the last 4 years any advantage they can get is welcomed. If I were Jeff Brohm I would be pumping the smell of dead fish through the air ducts, have all my big offensive lineman clog the toilets the night before and be wiping old mayo under all of the lockers. Get the stink working real good in there. Oh and your worried about the privacy Jim? Don’t want Joe Schmo to be able to see this hot bod while he’s walking by???

This isn’t the first time that a visitor locker room has gotten to Jim either. Remember when he covered Iowa’s infamous pink locker room walls with Michigan pictures last year? If I remember correctly they dropped a big turd that night and got knocked off by the Hawkeyes. The locker room was the ultimate winner.

I will say Jim does have a point as it is 2017 and with all of the money these teams are getting on a yearly basis they can afford to upgrade these visitor locker rooms a little. It’s pretty bad when Urban Meyer is agreeing with Harbaugh. But when you are the ultimate Big Ten troll you get what you earn and maybe that’s a locker room from “The 1920’s” and stalls with no doors that have poop soup in them. I also have a feeling Brohm gave him a gift basket filled with skim milk and that is what really got Harbaugh all hot and bothered.

In the end Michigan got the W so Jim can say whatever he wants. I welcome the entertainment he brings and college football is better with him and his shenanigans. Do you Jim…do you.

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