News – “How Anthony Bourdain Picks the Destinations on ‘Parts Unknown’” – The first rule of Parts Unknown is that there are no rules. Anthony Bourdain and his crew pretty much go wherever they want and film whatever they want, so long as they find it interesting. During Season 10, which premieres on October 1, Tony will hit up eight cities on four continents, including some of his favorite destinations as well as a few places he’s never visited before.

With the premiere a few weeks away, Eater got Tony on the phone to talk about how he builds a season of Parts Unknown, and how the show has evolved over the last five years.

How do you put together the list of destinations for every season? 
Usually, I’ll be sitting with my camera guys and producer on a shoot. It’ll be late at night, we’ve be shooting all day in Sri Lanka or Singapore or wherever, and we’re sitting in a noodle shop or the hotel bar knocking back some drinks, talking about where we could go to play, to make something awesome that we haven’t done before. A lot of it comes from, maybe, movies I’ve seen. We’ll be talking about movies and the look of certain films. And I’ll ask, “Where can we go to do that? Where do we go to do a black-and-white show?” That might be something. Or maybe I read about something in the paper, saw a film, or somebody reached out with a history and a particular point of view that excites me.

This season, I started talking to [alt-rock musician] Mark Lanegan. And it was like, “Well, I want to work with Mark Lanegan.” He’s from Washington state. We know there’s lots of great food in Seattle. We started to think about how the show might look, and the show grew from that. Other times, it might come from a suggestion from a friend or a particular historical obsession. Like, I’m obsessed with the history of the Congo, so that was a long ambition to go there. It usually starts with conversations with me and a few other people.

The real food lovers know who Anthony Bourdain is and all about this show Parts Unknown. For those people this is a dope interview giving a lot of insight into the process of the show and how they go about picking their locations and what not.

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