News – “People Reveal Their Worst Cash-Strapped ‘Struggle Meals’, And They’re Pretty Terrible”

Foodbeast.comIf you’ve never been down to your last couple of dollars, and an almost empty fridge, waiting for that next paycheck, so you can eat a proper meal, God bless you. For the rest of us, the term “struggle meal” hits home, as you know the feeling of having to put together a makeshift meal with whatever is in-house, just to get some semblance of nutrition in your system.


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On AskReddit, a simple question was posed, “What was your poorest meal?”


As answers poured in, some foods such as, “a single cold hotdog,” and “Cup Noodles” might sound familiar. Perhaps the saddest being, “A nap,” as sleep was apparently the best option for dinner that night. Coming in right behind the nap has to be the person who used the water from boiled hot dogs as a meal.


Check out the answers below, and hope that you never have to enjoy one of these meals again:

I know all too well about a good ‘ol struggle meal, I think most people have had their nights where they had to dine on oxygen sandwiches and saltine crackers. The line that had me cracking up though was “a nap” hahaha I’ve absolutely been so hungry with no food in the crib and decided going to sleep was my best option, I don’t know why but struggle meals will always be hilarious. Maybe I’ll compile my top 5 struggle meal’s ranked.

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