Grubbin Sports: College Football Week 4 Preview

Great weekend of college football last Saturday with some upsets that surprised people and a few that were oh so close. Let’s start with the big one and that was TCU and the Trill (I hate that nickname) throttling the Pokes in Stillwater. I can’t say I was totally surprised as I didn’t have Okie State as highly rated as the rest of the world but I didn’t see their first loss coming to TCU either. The Pokes defense was exposed for sure and they will be scratching and clawing their way the rest of the season to get back to the Big 12 title game. Then we have the ‘Noles who were starting a true freshman QB and were still 13 point favorites somehow. This one didn’t surprise me one bit as NC State controlled the game from start to finish. Maybe one of the best games of the weekend was the shootout in Jerry’s world between Arkansas and A&M. At one point I couldn’t figure out who wanted to win because it was just an onslaught of points that lead to a thrilling overtime win by the Aggies which means Sumlin kept his job for another week.

Now lets review a couple of the stinkers that allowed teams to escape with a narrow victory. Penn State squeaked one out on the road against Iowa as McSorley gunned one in the back of the end zone to get out of there with the victory. Florida stole one against Kentucky because for the second time that night the Cats defense left a receiver WIDE open. Just absolutely inexcusable and thats why they haven’t beaten the Gators in 31 straight games. Then there’s that jabroni Butch Jones who found a way to only beat almighty UMass by 4 points. Hopefully Georgia beats them by a hundred this weekend. Just pathetic.

A few other games to note were the beatdown by the Dawgs over the Dogs as Georgia lambasted Mississippi State and made your mans look like a fool for believing in Mississippi State after one big win over LSU. I definitely drank the cool aid a little too fast on that one. My Irish didn’t disappoint this weekend when they laid it on the Spartans on the road. Great performance by Notre Dame there. Then there is Vandy who said “They Want Bama” and by golly they got ALL of Bama as they ran for almost 500 yards as Nick Saban gave them a slap on the butt and said better luck next time young pups. Oh and this kid has been flying around the internet and for all of the wrong/sad reasons.

   Game Of The Week

#2 Clemson (-7.5) vs #12 Virginia Tech

Blacksburg at night is never easy and Kelly Bryant is going to find that out early. Fuente has his new QB Jackson playing confidently but I just don’t think they have enough yet to take down Dabo and the boys. It’s a close one until the end but the Tigers escape with a 6 point victory but this won’t be the last time these two meet. I think this is a preview of the ACC title game.

   Top 25 Battles

        #5 USC (-3.5) vs #16 Washington State

Now this is a game I can’t wait to see. Sam Darnold has been struggling with his decision making at times but I just can’t see Mike Leach’s defense holding him back enough. I see a close game for a while but the Trojans pull away late to win by 13. This will be a true test to see if the Cougars are for real this year or not.

#13 Auburn (-9) vs #24 Mississippi State

Well folks I am still drinking the cool aid they are selling in Starkville and I think a bounce back game is in the works here. I don’t believe in Auburn still and Nick Fitzgerald runs wild in this tightly played contest as he leads the Bulldogs to a 3 point win on the road.

 Underrated Matchup

#7 Georgia vs Tennessee

After Georgia routed Miss St and the Vols struggled against UMass there is a reason why Vegas only has this as a touchdown game and it is because this game is always a barn burner. Last year had a wild finish with the hail mary win by Tennessee and I think it comes down to a field goal late this year but this time the Dawgs come home victorious.

      Are We Back? Too Early To Tell….

#22 Notre Dame (-21) vs Miami (OH)

I must admit I was impressed with my Irish last week but since I am still not sold on the Spartans the skepticism is still there. USC will be the measuring stick game for us. But for now we take on the 2nd beat Miami in the country (yes I am including the Dolphins too) who we should steamroll. The 21 point line tells me Vegas is expecting a little let down this week from Notre Dame but I predict we pound them hard and early en route to a 31 point victory. Go Irish!

Welcome to:


Well going .500 on the weekend isn’t the worst thing. I was about to murder Dana Holgersen (in my mind) since their defense played like garbage against Kansas until I realized that I was actually able to get them at 21 when I placed my bet on Saturday and covered by a hair. But since I locked them in at 22 in my blog that is the number we roll with officially. Big win outright by TCU was nice but i whiffed hard on the Mississippi State game. Even teased it was bad. Oh well the season record is now 11-8-1. On to the locks this week.

Against the spread

VIRGINIA TECH (+7.5) vs Clemson
USC (-3.5) vs Washington State
Mississippi State (+9) vs Auburn
Oklahoma State (-9.5) vs Texas Tech

 Teaser – 6 Points

GEORGIA (-1.5/-7.5) vs Tennessee
IOWA (+9.5/+3.5) vs Michigan State

My teaser scares me a little but I still like it. Love the bounce back for the Pokes and I say they win by 30 against the Red Raiders. Virginia Tech with the back door cover late. Book it. Good luck folks.

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