News – “SEE IT: Coca-Cola bottle robs fast-food restaurant” – He was Coked out of his mind.

A gunman dressed as a bottle of soda forced his way into a Rally’s fast-food restaurant in Kentucky early Monday morning but thankfully he didn’t pop a cap.

Maybe this is why Kendall Jenner prefers to give cops Pepsi.

Surveillance footage released by the Henderson Police Department shows the not so refreshing white male entering the back of the establishment and aiming his weapon at the manager, who was the only staff member on the scene at the time, the Smoking Gun reports.

The soda suspect supposedly slurped up over $500 from the yet-to-open eatery before fleeing in a gray minivan driven by another white male.

I…I don’t even know what to say about this. This is some shit out of Dumb and Dumber or a Family Guy sketch, he coulda at least got a couple of Big Bufords to enjoy because he’s definitely getting arrested…actually by the time this is posted I’m sure he’s already sitting in a jail cell pondering life.

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