News – “This Brewery Offers You A Shot To Get Paid For Drinking Booze”

foodbeast.comIf you’ve ever wished you could drink on the job, there’s an opening for a position that not only lets you do so, but you actually get paid for it.


Meantime Brewing Co. is looking for someone to test their new beer products and join a panel that reviews the drinks.


You won’t just be getting wasted on a couch while watching the Raider game though, as you have to be able to detect differences in each beer, be well-versed in alcohol terms and vocabulary, and have “an understanding of global consumer markets.”


You do have as good of a shot as anyone, however, since all you have to do is write a 30-word post on their Linkedin job listing, use the hashtag #pickmemeantime, and have that strong resume ready.


This is literally a dream job, even if it is part-time, so if getting paid to drink beer in Europe sounds like your cup of tea, get on this ASAP.

Welp let me get this resume together, I can knock all sorts of things off the bucket list with this one. It’ll be my own personal Eurotrip, but forreal I need some of these positions to open up around my way damnit!

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