News – “UberEats picks up steam against food delivery rivals” – For years, Bob Gordon, owner of Footprints Cafe in Brooklyn, handled the delivery of his restaurant’s meals. So when he decided to work with an outside service — UberEats — he was nervous. Then, the orders started pouring in.

“We weren’t prepared for the volume that came in,” Gordon, 46, said. “I myself, as an owner, had to work three weeks straight cooking on the food line just to keep up.”

UberEats stands out even from the rest of the company’s fast-growing — and unprofitable — business. The delivery service, in more than 120 markets globally, sometimes eclipses Uber’s main ride-hailing business in markets like Tokyo and Seoul, the company said. The number of trips taken by UberEats drivers grew by more than 24 times between March 2016 and March 2017. As of July, UberEats was profitable in 27 of the 108 cities where it operated. Uber declined to reveal the service’s revenue.

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“There’s a global trend toward delivery,” said Jason Droege, vice president of UberEverything, the division under which UberEats operates. “As people use mobile phones more and more for everything in their lives, we’re starting to see a secular change in how people eat.”

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