News – “Studio Faces Backlash For Racist ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ Mobile Game”

foodbeast.comA small Canadian game studio is receiving some serious backlash for their new app, Dirty Chinese Restaurant, that’s chock full of racist stereotypes.

Video trailers of the game uploaded to YouTube depict the main character, a Chinese restaurant owner, performing shady activities to keep his business running. These include hunting down dogs and cats with his cleaver, dumpster diving to get “discounted” ingredients, gambling, and taking on street thugs, all of which just happen to be black. The main character also evades tax collectors and has to deal with immigration officers coming in and deporting some of his workers.


Dirty Chinese Restaurant was developed by Big-O-Tree Games. If the name didn’t allude to how the company feels about current world matters, their slogan, “Because being politically correct is so… boring,” should give you a clue.

These guy’s didn’t even try ….like at all. If they were going for the “say whatever to get publicity” shtick they definitely did that, but uhhhh we’ll see how long this game lasts before they get bombarded with criticism and lawsuits. 

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