Colorado Pig Rig – Denver, Colorado

One of the highlights from the Taco, Tequila and Cerveza Festival was getting to discover the sheer awesomeness that is the Colorado Pig Rig. This happened to be the first food truck Briyouncé and I stopped at that day; it was basically the universe guiding us to the perfect selection of tortilla wrapped goodness. My personal favorite was their Korean Bulgogi Taco: Skirt steak marinated in a sesame soy adobo, chopped kimchi, sriracha sour cream, cilantro and fresh raquelitas tortillas.

I never thought I could love steak more than I already do until I took a bite of that taco.  Every mouthful was more delicious than the last as Cecilia And The Satellite played in my head, “For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you”.  We were so in love with their food we decided to ask them to chat and they were kind enough to feed us another round. Brennan or Brendan Birch, (I’m sorry dude you were a bit of a mumbler) worldly good guy of the Colorado Pig Rig team, brought over three of his recommendations:

  • Cuban Mojo Taco – Cuban Citrus Braised Pork Shoulder with White Onion, Cilantro, Avocado-Lime Crema & Queso Fresco on Fresh Raquelitas White Corn Tortilla
  • Korean Bulgogi Taco – Skirt Steak Marinated in a Sesame Soy Adobo. Chopped Kimchi. Sriracha Sour Cream. Cilantro. Fresh Raquelitas Tortillas (My personal favorite)
  • Takos De Alambrè -Hickory Smoked Bacon. Guajillo Chile & Citrus Marinated Skirt Steak. Bell Peppers. Melted Oaxaca Cheese. Jack Cheese. White Onion. Cilantro. (Brennan/Brendans personal favorite)


In my mind the Korean Bulgogi still reigns supreme regardless, all the tacos we had from the CPR were happy dance worthy.  It was also great to learn a little more about life on the Pig Rig according to Mr. Birch (Once again super sorry I swear you mumbled!) the 3 to 4 people who work on the Rig, “Love each other just as much as we ever could or ever have”. You could definitely see the love the crew had for each other as they posed for arguably the cutest picture I’ve ever taken of a food truck vendor. A big thanks to you guys you’re all to top 20 worldly good guys!



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