Dirty 30 Brunch – Jones Restaurant, Philly

So as discussed on episode two of The Just Grubbin Podcast I gave a brief review of Jones Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia. But here it is in its entirety.

The New Yorker in me can be biases sometimes but I decided to give Philly brunch a shot and I would say it didn’t live up to the challenge but it was decent. If I needed to plan a brunch in Philly, Jones would be on my mind.

Before I start I will just put it out there that breakfast is THE best meal of the day so you will see how I feel after trying Jones out.

So good thing about the brunch that was different was they let you choose your mimosa flavor; Orange, Strawberry, and think it was White grape (Didn’t try it but people enjoyed it). Most brunch spots don’t give you that option which was pretty cool.

There was 9 of us and I made sure everyone tried something different so we could get good reviews. As I mentioned I tried the Bacon and Chedder Waffle, as mentioned it didn’t taste as if it was infused with cheese like the name would suggest. It was ok… I’m a huge fan of waffles and I honestly probably wouldn’t suggest it this to anyone unless you’re craving waffles.

Next I decided to try the breakfast burrito since in my past a lot of places DO NOT know how to make a good breakfast burrito. So I ordered it and it was pretty good. Only thing I would prefer is that the ketchup sauce would’ve been on the burrito instead of but I think it was on the side for the….TATER TOTS!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like tater tots you can kick rocks. I would take tots over fries, hash browns, potatoes, etc. Overall the burrito was good but the tots did it for me. I would suggest the burrito for sure.

Overall I would definitely suggest to go here (If you’ve never been to a brunch in NYC lol). Based on the my friends reaction to the other dishes, they were all decent. Nothing really blew us away. So I would be generous and give Jones a C+ because they serve tater tots instead of home fries 😍. Here are some of the other dishes around the table:

Short Rib sandwich at a brunch spot…weird…

The PANCAKES were masssive!!!!

The omelettes were pretty good in size and once again the TOTS!!! 😎

Birthday girl had the Huevos Rancheros and they was SLAMMING!! (Her exact words 😂😂😂)

And last but not least…no racist but it was funny that the only black guy in the group ordered chicken and waffles lol. But he CLEANED the plate so I’m would assuming he was either really hungry or shit was HITTIN!!

Once again I would definitely suggest this place if I wasn’t biased and from NY. I will keep looking for a Philly brunch to step up to the challenge and change my mind.

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