Grubbin Sports College Football: Hey Rutgers! You Stink Out Loud!!!

Okay if you read my preseason Big Ten preview then you know I think Rutgers should be kicked out of the Big Ten. And if you watched them at all this season you probably agree.

I have to admit when I was watching the Washington game they looked good early and I was like okay Rutgers I see you trying to make me look bad. But thennnnn the boys in red made your mans proud and lost to Eastern Michigan which was embarrassing. Then last week they lose 56-0 to Ohio State at home and can’t even get on the board late as a chip shot field goal clanked off the upright. Just comical right there. Lucky for them they have that poop sandwich Illinois up and may be able to get a win. From there though it looks like a string of losses and a 2 win season for the Scarlet Knights.

A lot of people know Rutgers for the Schiano days when he had them in the top half of the old Big East but I remember them growing up and being complete trash. The main problem is they can’t keep the top talent from New Jersey in state and when Schiano was there they had a pipeline from Florida which is no more.

So what’s the answer? Go to the AAC. What will happen? They keep stealing Big 10 TV money and continue to live on the basement floor of the Big 10 East. But hey everyone needs an easy homecoming date right?

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