News – “NYC Wine and Food Festival to celebrate 10th anniversary” – The New York City Wine and Food Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this month — and a slew of female celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray are slated to spice up the proceedings.

“The food world has taken some crazy turns in the last 10 years,” Ray told Side Dish. “Whether it’s Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell or Daniela Soto-Innes in New York, Stephanie Izard in Chicago, or Suzanne Goin in Los Angeles, they’re all doing their thing.”

Guarnaschelli, who has a new book out this week called The Home Cook, confirms it hasn’t been an easy climb.

“I entered this business knowing that there were more men than women,” Guarnaschelli said. “But I have worked every day with the hope and assumption that gender can be eclipsed by hard work. Shuck the oysters. Julienne those carrots until they’re perfect. And the rest will follow suit.”

The festival, which launched as a one-night dessert fest, now features more than 80 events over a four-day sprawl from Oct. 12 to Oct. 15. Events include actress Kristin Chenoweth hosting Broadway Tastes, while funny lady Whoopi Goldberg hosts a fried chicken dinner fete at Sylvia’s, the iconic Harlem hotspot.

I’m so angry that I won’t be able to attend and cover this event, looks like it’s going to be a phenomenal time. So if you’re in the New York area and wine/food fanatic I definitely wouldn’t miss out on this one. I’m definitely jealous of anyone that does attend, but ah well we can’t be everywhere… least not yet. 

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