Grubbin Sports: College Football – Wayyyyy To Early Playoff Prediction

Okay I know its only the beginning of October and we are still 2 months away from figuring out who is in and who is out. That being said I am going to review my pre-season predictions, who I would put in the playoff as of right now with the first two out as well and who I think will be there at the end.

My Pre-Season Predictions:

1. Ohio State

2. Alabama

3. USC

4. Florida State

Okay so ‘Bama is still looking like a lock even if they drop a game other than the SEC Championship. Ohio State took a good/bad L against Oklahoma and with battles against Penn State & Michigan they are on the outside looking in. USC lost this week to Washington State which doesn’t help but may not hurt too bad either. If Sam Darnold can regroup and limit the bad throws they can still run through their division and get back to the Pac 12 title game. Only Utah and Notre Dame seem to pose a threat moving forward so they are still alive. As for FSU they are officially dead and aren’t coming back. They have 7-5 written all over them with bouts against with Miami, Louisville, Clemson & Florida left. Blackman is just too raw to hold up the rest of the season which means the ‘Noles are out. Not a good feeling when one of your teams are done only 3 games in. Sorry Walker but your team sucks this year.

Where we stand now:

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Georgia

4. Oklahoma

5. Penn State

6. Washington

Okay so I have Clemson on top because they have played 3 tough games so far and pretty much dominated in all of them. The rest of the schedule is soft and 13-0 is a real possibility. Alabama “may” be better but the resume isn’t as good so far and Jalen Hurts still hasn’t proven he can throw the ball against a good defense. That may not matter in the end with his legs, their overall running game and Bama’s defense but I need to see more going forward and they have plenty of opportunities left on the schedule. As for #3 it has to be Georgia. What they are doing with a Freshman QB who only makes his first read is remarkable. Their running game and stout defense are hiding Fromm’s limitations but his confidence will only get stronger as he gets more reps. Wins at Notre Dame and Tennessee help when you package it with the Mississippi State beatdown as well. Then there’s Baker Mayfield and the boys who may have the best win on the board but also the most head scratching one when they gave up 40+ against 0-5 Baylor. But if Baker keeps shaking off Big 12 defenses and porn stars they can be there in the end. He gave Mia Khalifa a wham bam no thank you ma’am last week.

Don’t come at Baker girl. You can’t handle these sweet white boy moves.

Image result for baker mayfield dance gif

Now for the first two out. Penn State just hasn’t played anyone good yet. Pitt got trounced by Okie State and Georgia Tech so that win carries no merit. And the Iowa squeaker doesn’t look that great after they should have lost to Iowa State and then did against Michigan State. I mean Iowa isn’t a bad win but it’s not a great win either. The good thing for Penn State is they have a few tough ones coming up to prove themselves. Then there is Washington who I like but hasn’t played a team with a pulse yet. Rutgers JV squad doesn’t count and Colorado isn’t the same team from last year. But just like Penn State they have a few chances as they catch Oregon, Stanford, Utah & Washington State to end the season and then possibly USC in the title game. If they go 4-1 down that stretch and win the Pac 12 it will be hard to keep them out.

As I take out my crystal ball that is full of bad predictions I come up with the following playoff outlook:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Penn State

4. Washington

5. TCU

6. Georgia

Something tells me it won’t look anything like this at the end which is the beauty of college football.

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